For whom?

The guiding principle that drives us in the realization of this project is the desire to create an exclusive enclave of tranquility in the heart of the city. Taczaka 5 is an exceptional project that falls into the category of premium properties, accounting for only 3% of the primary real estate market. We make every effort to make it a unique, exclusive place to live, a lucrative investment in uncertain times, and a remarkable architectural element on one of the most popular streets in the capital of Wielkopolska.

Enclave of peace and tranquility

The courtyard, accessible only to residents, serves as a guarantee of intimacy and a sanctuary that will provide you with peace in the heart of the city.

Exceptional community

Taczaka 5 is not just a remarkable building, but also a community of its residents, whose synergy ensures the uniqueness of this address.

Aesthetics of common areas

Taking care of the daily cleanliness of carefully designed common areas is our vision for the aesthetics of this project.


The layouts of apartments with varying sizes, combined with gardens, balconies, or terraces, provide a sense of comfort and adaptability to individual needs.

Enclave of peace and tranquility

Find harmony and peace in the heart of the city. Our proposal combines accessibility to cultural and gastronomic offerings with living
in the vicinity of beautiful green parks.